This video collects some of the manifold impressions from the project.

The video contains material from the following project teams, in its order of appearance:

Project “The burial Chamber”
(Hesham Ashour, Mohamed El Kholy, Shreef Kamesh)

Project “New Cairo Residents vs Street Vendors”
(Ahd Badawy, Heba Sherif, Mariam El-Tonsy, Nadine Azim, Yasmine Motaleb)

Project “Kiosk Hangout”
(Alyaa El Gharby, Aya El-Shawarby, Dina El Said, Nehal Reda, Salma Bayoumi, Sara Sallam)

Project “Don’t judge me!”
(Ayounour Hussein, Farah Galal, Salma El Far, Samar Khazbak, Shaymaa Ezzo, )

Project “Sexual Harassment”
(Aya Elsify, Esraa Thabet, Hend Awad, Mennat-Allah Kheireldin, Norhan Abdelmosen, Noura Hussein)

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